Music Videos

KEiiNO - Spirit in the sky

Role: Director

​Music video for the norwegian group KEiiNO, who are contestants at the 2019 Eurovision Contest. 

Jhana: "Eyes"

Role: Director and animator

Music video for spanish-american duo Jhana and their song "Eyes". Video is made to look like one long cut, featuring duplicates of the two artists.

Video created together with frequent collaborator Jens Peder Hertzberg.

Carina Dahl: "You on me"

Role: Director, editor and animator

A performance video for norwegian pop artist Carina Dahl's new single "You on me". Produced in June 2017.

Nomiz: "Stratosphere vs Linear"

Role: Director & VFX

This is a music teaser video for the LA-based EDM artist Nomiz and his two new tracks "Stratosphere" and "Linear".


Two masked strangers meet in the desert for a dance-off, they each dance to their own track and only the winner gets to leave.


This project came together after a chance encounter during my two month stay in LA in 2014.


Produced 2015.

Tom Hugo: "Diamond in the rough"

Role: Director, camera & editor

A music video I shot for my artist friend Tom Hugo in the end of April 2015. The main focus of the video was to show of Tom's apartment and the surrounding city area because he wasn't just releasing a new song, he was also selling his apartment, so he came up with the idea to combine those two.


Produced in 2015.

Melissa Iskric: "Love me again" (live cover)

Role: Camera & editor

A live cover video I did for the talented up-and-come'r Melissa Iskric. Mads Johansson on the guitar.


Produced in 2014.

Tom Hugo: "Nothing but the best"

Role: Director, Camera, editor & VFX

A summer video that  tells the tale of the friendship between a girl and her black and white cartoon best friend.


Produced in 2014.

Farida: "Train"

Role: Director, camera, editor & VFX

A music video for the norwegian artist Farida (who is currently one of the finalist on the norwegian Idol 2014).

Even though the video was slightly improvised during the one day shoot I'm quite happy with the result.


Produced in 2014

Atone: "Million Times"

Role: Director, actor & editor

Filmed during a cold weekend in Oslo in November 2013. This is my very first attempt at a music video. It's a fairly simple production and story, but given our time schedule I am really happy with the end result.


Produced in 2013.

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