Benjamin Falck & The Ghost Dagger

Feature film

Role: Writer & Director

My first feature film, titled "Benjamin Falck & The Ghost Dagger", an epic Norwegian treasure hunting adventure set on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain. Will be released digitally in Norway on November 11th.

Too Many Electric Scooters

A comedy sketch

Role: Writer, director and editor

A satirical sketch about how there have arrived way too many scooter apps in Oslo, which makes it a bit of a chore to find the right one.

Starring Eirik Hallert and Trim Balaj.

Filmed by Øyvind Svanes Lunde

Quite A Smelly Box (Trailer)

A horror parody

Role: Writer and director

The Smell is Coming!

A fake trailer that parodies the horror movies "A Quiet place" and "Bird Box" and their sense-horror concepts.

Siri with a vengeance

A voice assistant Thriller comedy

Role: Writer, director and editor

Shawn recently changed his iPhone to an Android phone. But before you can say "Okay, Google", he is held hostage by a Die Hard-obsessed Siri, who is hell bent on revenge.

Impossible Mission Force: Graphics Department

A Mission Impossible comedy sketch

Role: Writer, director and editor

Have you ever wondered how Ethan Hunt's fancy mission briefings are made? 
Gary has his first day at the IMF Graphics department and quickly learns it's alot more complicated than just scanning some documents.

Frankie the Jukebot

A short TEST film

Role: Actor, director and editor

A film we made as part of a test to try out a robot mask. We just made up this video on set and went for it, and it turned into a cute little film about a robot who finds his singing voice.

Made with my frequent collaborators Jens Peder Hertzberg and Marius Egeland.

Inside the Biz: Backhead Casting

Comedy sketch

Role: Writer, director and editor

A sketch that satirizes the casting process in Hollywood. We meet Angelina Castellano, a casting agent working at Backhead Casting, an agency that specializes in the casting of the back of people's heads.

Rosahettene (Pink Hoods)

TV Pilot Teaser

Role: Writer, director


A pilot we shot in 2016 for a comedy series we have under development.

Two girls struggle with too much student loan so they decide to become criminals, but as they soon find out, you can't just become a criminal, you have to learn it.

The wrong guy

Short film

Role: Writer, director, editor


Colin is in a hurry to get to an important audition, but his daytime profession as a hitman makes it more difficult than planned.

A short film shot by Mormon Rocks outside of LA, starring Steven Gridley and Samuel David.
Shot by Drew Shankweiler.


Short film

Role: Writer, director & editor


In a world where everything has gone to hell, how important is Instagram? Very!

Produced by Go!Electra

Short film

Role: Writer, Director & Editor

Selfies are here to stay, and seem to be more important than anything else, as these two hitmen will soon learn.


A short I made while staying in LA for a month in 2015, featuring the talented Maxx Hennard and Samuel David.

Uncharted: Ambushed

Fan film

Role: Writer, director & VFX


This a norwegian/danish shortfilm based on the very first cutscene in the Playstation game Uncharted: Drake's fortune.


We worked very hard on this and we are very proud of the result, and we hope fellow Uncharted fans will like as much as we did making it.


PS: You can watch the original cutscene from the game here for comparison:

Act Out

Short film

Role: Writer, director and editor


Stefan, the gUber driver, gets a life lesson from the unlikeliest passenger.


A short film filmed in Venice Beach during my two month stay in LA. Sometimes all you need is an idea, a car, a cameraman (with a camera) and two actors.


Close Encounter (Nærkontakt)

Short film

Role: Writer, director, editor & VFX


Oliver is fed up with his best buddy Mathias' overuse of his phone, but a meteor crash might change everything...


A short film I shot in June, 2014, with my two talented actor buddies Fredrik Skogsrud and Orleo Berisha.

The Chosen One (Den Utvalgte)

Short film

Role: Writer, director, editor & VFX


Simon is the direct descendant of a mighty hero who lived a long time ago. He is also a slacker with no ambitions. Will he ever reach the goal of becoming the chosen one?


A quirky and magical comedy about believing in yourself and finding your inner hero.

The Christmas Heist (Julebrekket)

Short film

Role: Writer, director & editor


Two robbers get together to plan a bank robbery, but it seems one of the robbers is more busy with the holiday celebration than doing a heist.


A short film about friendship, loneliness and finding the Christmas spirit.

Social Cops

Short film

Role: Writer, director, editor & VFX


What happens when two cops are more busy with telling everyone they are catching bad guys than actually catching bad guys?



Webseries pilot

Role: Writer, director & editor


Description in norwegian:


Zombiekungen er en skrekkomedie som handler om Stefan, en utvasket zombiejeger. En dag får Stefan en telefon fra en ukjent person om en potensiell zombietrussel, noe som er merkelig da zombiene ble utryddet for over 20 år siden. Kan dette bety et etterlengtet comeback for Stefan?


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