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Martin Sofiedal is a director from Oslo who specializes in quirky humor with a Hollywood flair. The humour often comes from the contrast between great incredible events mixed in with very everyday challenges, or vice versa.

His second feature film, the sci-fi action comedy “Blasted”, is a Netflix original that launched in June 2022 and has been seen by over 15 million worldwide. In 2019, he debuted with a feature film, the adventure film "Benjamin Falck & The Ghost Dagger", where he was also the screenwriter. He is now finalizing the TV series "Cammo", a drama-comedy for NRK.


He has written and directed dozens of short films and sketches, several of which have been featured, as well as winning awards at festivals all over the world, including the USA, Canada, Italy and Scandinavia. His latest comedy sketch "Say Hi" has won awards in Milan and Austin, and has been featured at festivals in Toronto, Los Angeles and Stockholm, and was most recently shown at Cinequest in San Jose.


Martin had his big international breakthrough in 2014 with the fan film "Uncharted: Ambushed", based on the Playstation game of the same name. It received attention from film and gaming magazines from around the world, including The Hollywood Reporter. It was also well received by the developers of the game, as well as one of the producers of the film adaptation, at Sony Pictures.




Manager: Lisa Widén // +46 70-546 77 73 //

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